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Christian Bladon Mariana Lazarova PC 120 Life in the Universe October 20, 2013   Life in a Multiple Star System?                                         Fig.1 Artist rendition of the … Continue reading

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The Christian-Bladon Diagram

  In the graph provided, the data of general happiness on a scale from one to ten on the y-axis has been put up against year on the x-axis.  In … Continue reading

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The Lone Planet

Scientists have recently discovered a low-mass planet, drifting around in space without a star to orbit.  Difficult to discover due to the lack of a bright star nearby to signal … Continue reading

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What, exactly, IS a Quantum Computer?

Quantum computers are the next evolution of computing power, attaining higher speeds of functionality than any silicon-based computer ever possibly could.  Using binary code in long sequences, normal computers are … Continue reading

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Quantum Communicating

  To the general populace, most people don’t actually know much about what a quantum computer is, or what it actually does, besides being extremely small.  In truth quantum computers … Continue reading

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Anti-Matter in the universe is… even more different?

  Recently coming to light from an experiment involving the smashing of atoms in a large collider, the a new discovery has been made about anti-matter.  When smashing a particle … Continue reading

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How Much Closer To Fusion?

Recently, it has been released that a group of scientists has edged significantly closer to the energetic break-even point of nuclear reactions.  Although we have long had the ability to … Continue reading

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