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Anti-Matter in the universe is… even more different?



Recently coming to light from an experiment involving the smashing of atoms in a large collider, the a new discovery has been made about anti-matter.  When smashing a particle and anti-particle together, pure energy is released, and then converts into particles called mesons.  These mesons come in two matter forms, neutral B-mesons and positive B-mesons, as well as their counterparts, Anti B-mesons and negative B-mesons, respectively.  The most recent discovery, however, is in how each of these particles decay.  It was discovered that neutral B-mesons decayed faster than anti B-mesons in 2004, and hence assumed that positive B-mesons would follow suit.  Proven incorrect, it has now become apparent that positive B-mesons decay slower than their antimatter counterpart.  This scientists that performed this experiment, led by Paoti Chang at the KEK-B accelerator in Japan, believe that this new discovery could completely change how particle asymmetry is viewed in the scientific world.!/


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