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“So it goes”

Christian Bladon Mariana Lazarova Physics: Life in the Universe, PC 120 “So it goes”   With this simple phrase, Kurt Vonnegut lays down the entire philosophical ideology of a far … Continue reading

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Warp Drive Plausible?

Inside the realm of science fiction, an exceedingly large amount of stories contain the idea of faster-than-light travel.  The ability to bridge vast distances in a matter of seconds is … Continue reading

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The Town of Rumney

  Located centrally in New Hampshire lies the renowned town of Rumney, a rock-climbing spot famous throughout the country.  Known as one of the finest spots for climbing on the … Continue reading

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The Eagle Nebula

By taking three different images of the Eagle Nebula and layering them over one another, I was able to manipulate different aspects of the photo separately. By assigning a single … Continue reading

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2001: A Space Odyssey

Directed by Stanley Kubrik, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a suspenseful sci-fi movie about the contact between humans and extraterrestrial life.  Although no form of poor CGI or foam-rubber suit … Continue reading

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Science Matters, but does everyone think so?

Question 3 The Article Does Science Matter remarks upon the changing public opinion and newfound criticism of science and its practical purposes in a way that refers to both the … Continue reading

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A Bit About Myself

My name is Christian Bladon, currently a freshman at Colorado College with fairly limited experience in the field of physics, and even less in astronomy.  For the most part, my … Continue reading

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